ʔaq̓am Trading is more than just a convenience store and fuel station. It’s the realization of a decades-long vision.

Our mission here at ʔaq’am is to preserve our language, heritage, and traditional way of life. At the same time, we are working toward a profitable, sustainable, and self-sufficient community economy that optimizes our diverse skills. ʔaq’am Trading is a First Nation-owned business and a project by ʔaq’am Community Enterprises, our Band’s economic development corporation.

Our unique and beautiful eco-friendly round house manufactured by Nelson-based Mandala Homes, is adorned with the work of local First Nation artists, and features a comfortable seating area that faces Fisher Peak and the Rockies. An outdoor seating green space located behind our store is also available for our patrons to enjoy the incredible mountain views with a fresh cup of our gourmet Kicking Horse or Oso Negro coffee.

Located right across the road from the renowned St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino, ʔaq’ am Trading is just five minutes from the Canadian Rockies International Airport making it the perfect stop for hotel guests or visitors to the region alike.

As the first and only First Nation fuel station in the B.C. Rockies, we are proud of ʔaq’am Trading and the way in which it envelopes the spirit of our people. A spirit that we are proud to share with visitors.